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Health and Safety Advice and Training by Derby Environtmental Health Specialists

If you are buyings or leasing a Pub in Derby or the Derbyshire then good advice before purchasing or leasing a property can save a lot of money and help make the business a success. Steve Butler surveying and environmental health staff have over twenty five years experience of dealing with business property including Public Houses.

Public house survey or schedule of condition reports

Pub leases invariably make the tenant responsible for keeping the property in good repair. Pubs are often old buildings that are wearing out and past tenants who have little vested in the property will try and avoid repairs to save costs. Unscrupulous landlords will charge the past tenant for not doing the repairs but then not undertake them leaving the new tenant to pick up the repair bill and put up with the disruption. A schedule of condition attached to the lease can be used to exclude liability for these repairs saving a lot of maintenance and repair bills.

Staff and public health and safety in pubs

As the occupier of the property you will be responsible for looking after your staff and visitors to the property. We can undertake a Health and Safety audit and provide Health and Safety training to ensure that your staff are fully aware of their responsibilite and how to mitigate risk. We can write a Health and Safety manual to ensure that staff understand procedures, rules and responsibilities.

What about your pubs Score on the Door or Food Hygine Rating System

All pubs are subject to frequent inspection by the Environmental Health Officer so why not use it to the business advantage?

All food business are given a rating by the Environmental Health Officer from zero stars to five stars. A satisfactory inspection by the Environmental Health Officer can result in a five star rating. Being able to display five stars on the door can be a confidence boost for your potential customers.

Get a five star scores on the doors rating for your pub food business

We can give all kinds of advice and training on Food Safety, write a Food Safety procedures manual and arrange mock audits so that you are prepared for a visit by the Environmental Health Officer. A bad report by the Environmental Health Officer can result in closure of the business, expenses, adverse newspaper articles and loss of customer confidence.

Food Allergens Training

In an increasingly litigious society it is important that you are aware different types of food allergies and can communicate their presence in menus to clients.

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Derby and Derbyshie Pub Resturant Scores on the Door

Food Hygeine Safety and Health and Safety Training and Audits for Derby and Derbyshire Pubs